The systematic order of God takes precedence in the Book of Beginnings. This simple principle is based always upon what God says, before anything anyone else can or will say.. We only have trouble, when we exalt anything above what God has said. Because God's voice is the voice and power of creation, tried like silver 7 times, a two edged sword, as honey so sweet, and bread so fresh, water clear and pure and cleansing. As meat lean and fresh no fat or fillers, the word of God spoken and written. God sees His word as so important , that He magnifies it above His Name. The Word is meditated , contemplated and controversial yet it is upholding all things by the effects of its own power , changing seasons establishing order, Creating all things and made flesh.  While my speculation , suspicion , fear and trepidation have only produced after its own kind. And the adversary of my soul is nothing but an unemployed, homeless, wannabe whose destiny is eternal judgment and everlasting damnation, Our resumes are full of bad decisions , wrong choices, regret and , would, should , and could, In spite of this the grass withers and  flowers fade but the Word of the Lord will last forever. any other source of information is a farce and a fallacy and subject to fail. But by contrast The Word that goes forth from God 's mouth shall not return void of power but it will accomplish what He pleases and prospers in the thing He sent it to .Isn't time that we place our lives into the hands of the one who created them, as a new vehicle into the care of the original manufacturer who created it. Too long have we neglect our Heavenly healer by attempting to repair and renew that which  only God could repair. Lets return to the God of our Fathers., who declare HIs word to be eternally stable in times of instability.


AuthorDerrick Morant